The energy survey is a joint project of the University of Michigan Energy Institute (UMEI) and the university’s Institute for Social Research (ISR).


John M. DeCicco, research professor, UMEI.


Lauren Knapp, postdoctoral research fellow, UMEI | ISR.

Austin Hill, research assistant, M.S. candidate 2018, Biostatistics.

The telephone interviews and data coding are performed by the University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers research staff under the direction of Richard Curtin at ISR.

Previous contributors include:

Alex Truelove, research assistant; M.S. 2017, School of Natural Resources and Environment.

Amy C. Moors, Ph.D. in Psychology, University of Michigan 2015, led survey analysis as a UMEI research fellow in 2015-16 and served as an adviser to the survey through summer 2017.

Lisa Neidert, data scientist at ISR, led the data analysis and contributed to reporting energy survey results through 2015.

Diego Horna Munoz, M.S. 2015 in Urban Planning and Natural Resources and Environment, contributed to the data analysis and reporting of the energy survey’s first-year results.

Ting Yan, research assistant professor in the Program in Survey Methodology at ISR, led the survey development process and contributed to the analysis and reporting of the survey’s first-year results.

Florian Keusch, research fellow in the Program in Survey Methodology at ISR, worked on survey development as well as analysis and reporting of the first-year results.

Michael Sadowsky, M.S. 2015 in Survey Methodology, assisted with analysis and interpretation of the energy survey’s initial results.


The University of Michigan Energy Survey is grateful to many individuals for their advice, support and feedback during the development and launch of the project. The energy survey was launched with financial support and backing from the University of Michigan Energy Institute and its director, Mark Barteau, and the Institute for Social Research and its director, James Jackson, in 2013.

Patrick Shields of ISR was instrumental in defining and helping launch the project, contributing to survey development as well as analysis and interpretation of the results, and has been a key supporter of the project since its inception.

Paul Gargaro, formerly of UMEI, conceptualized the project and helped with the early planning.

Gabriel Tabak, University of Michigan J.D. 2014, substantially contributed to the research and design of the survey, including questionnaire development and focus group testing.

Bruno Vanzieleghem of UMEI contributed to survey development as well as analysis and interpretation of the initial results.

Jim Lepkowski of ISR’s Program in Survey Methodology helped guide the planning and his students Yumi Kim and Yuan Zhang carried out the review of previous energy surveys and the related literature.

At ISR’s Survey Research Center, Richard Curtin’s input was crucial from the beginning and he, Rebecca McBee and others on the U-M Surveys of Consumers staff were key contributors to the final development and testing of the survey questionnaire; Rebecca also went beyond the call of duty by performing the initial analyses of the October 2013 data. Jennifer Puckett of ISR provided outstanding administrative support throughout the survey planning and development process. David Lampe of the university’s Office of Research encouraged the project and Amy Mast of UMEI provided communications assistance.

The U-M Energy Survey team is also grateful to the project’s faculty advisers and other individuals who provided input, reviewed the development and otherwise assisted at various stages of the effort.