Income shapes consumer views on energy reliability

The reliability of the energy used in everyday life is central to Americans’ feelings of security in their homes and daily activities. The continuous improvements in the infrastructure that supplies energy — whether power lines for electricity or pipelines for natural gas and motor fuels — along with the many, largely unseen systems that make […]

Michigan Radio: Carbon tax wouldn’t cause much pain at the pump

by Tracy Samilton, Michigan Radio More than 90% of people say they could handle paying an extra 36-cent tax on each gallon of gasoline without feeling financially stressed. That’s from the latest survey by the University of Michigan’s Energy Institute. Researcher John DeCicco says that 36 cents translates to a $40 per ton carbon tax, […]

Energy affordability evens out in 2016

For the first time since the start of our quarterly Energy Survey, home energy and gasoline have run neck-and-neck in terms of affordability for an entire year. That is to say, 2016 saw no statistically significant difference between the two indices, a situation never before observed for four consecutive quarters. Though customers recently feel similarly […]

Are women the fairer and more pro-environmental sex?

At the Energy Survey, we’ve examined the responses of American consumers as influenced by a number of different factors including income, geographic region and age. All of these have given us wonderful insights. However, we haven’t discussed one of the most compelling variables until now, which is gender. Based on our survey, women and men […]

News coverage in 2015

Stories during the Energy Survey’s second year picked up on our findings about the average U.S. consumers’ relatively high thresholds of “energy price pain.” Reporters interpreted our data as further evidence for the challenges faced by efforts to motivate consumers, even “green” consumers, to conserve energy. Coverage also noted the relatively high level of concern […]

Even with falling prices at the pump, consumers find home energy more affordable than gasoline

ANN ARBOR — Consumers say their home energy bills would have to more than double before they become unaffordable, according to the University of Michigan Energy Survey. The survey measures the affordability of consumer energy costs based on two key indicators: home energy bills and gasoline prices. Consumer sentiment regarding home energy expenses has remained […]

University of Michigan Energy Survey unveils two new tools to track consumer energy attitudes

Two new tools from the University of Michigan Energy Survey are tracking consumer attitudes about the cost of energy, how consumers react to changes in energy prices, and how consumer attitudes about the cost of energy changes over time. Both the Gasoline Affordability Index and the Home Energy Affordability Index grow out of  two years […]

What if gas became unaffordable? Americans say they are most likely to use different transportation

ANN ARBOR — This summer, in most parts of the country, average pump prices have been nearly a dollar per gallon lower than the previous three years. But the price of oil can be quite volatile, and so what do consumers say they’d do if gasoline became unaffordable? Personal vehicles are a staple form of […]

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